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Stemple, Adam
My name is Adam Stemple and I was published at Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores. Less importantly, I have also published eight novels, two graphic novels, and over a dozen music books. I have won a Locus Award, two Minnesota Music Awards, and several poker tournaments.
Streett, Matthew
My story, Negotiations, draws from my own experience of working with various national cultures here in Europe, and its ideas and implications flow from my own background in surveillance and my current work with communications and electronics specialists. My most recent publication is the forthcoming short story, The Sous Chef, which has been accepted by Stupefying Stories. I have also published six academic and nonfiction articles, in addition to poetry and an academic nonfiction book through U.S. and international publishers. I hold a B.F.A. from the Writer's Workshop of the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
Tanner, Tyra
I was published at Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores
Tom, Laurie
Traverse, Melion
Melion Traverse lives with one spouse, two dogs and an acceptable amount of chaos. Some of Melion's other works have appeared in Scarlet Leaf Review and T. Gene Davis's Speculative Blog. Rarely in real life does Melion address Melion's self in the third person.
Van Hoof, Lawrence
Lawrence Van Hoof was born in the Netherlands and grew up in southwestern Ontario, Canada. His writing has appeared in the collection A Darke Phantastique. He can also be found, on occasion, in the background of films and TV shows for those who dare to look closely. His most recent adventure will take him to South Korea, where he teaches English and explores the many facets of kimchi.
VanBezooijen, Erik
I was published at Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores
VanDyke, Jared
Jared VanDyke is a former radio show host who traded the airwaves for careers in creative writing and library bookkeeping. While his publication history leans towards sci-fi, he is readily available for collaborating on fantasy, horror, and investigative projects. You can find him prancing about Twitter @WriteVanDyke - where he regularly shares writing market developments.
Wagner, Phoebe
I was published at Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores
West, Jake
I am that rarity, a native-born Californian, married to my wife Janet for 30 years. Retired from teaching Special Education due to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, I divide my time between digital painting and writing. My art has been displayed at conventions and The Arts Colony gallery in Corona, CA. My stories have been published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, an original anthology edited by Orson Scott Card, various small press markets and a non-fiction lead article in the SFWA Bulletin on the Hollywood pitch, based on my experiences writing for TV shows like AIRWOLF and the George Romero syndicated anthology MONSTERS, as well as original screenplays that didn't survive Development Hell .
Whiteoak, Han
I was published at Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores

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