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Celmer, Paul
I am interested in exploring how ancient myths and archetypes are expressed in future worlds. My published science fiction includes “Spooky Action at a Distance” in Daily Science Fiction and “Echoes of the Bouncing Ball” in both Escape Pod and Bull Spec.
Clough, Brenda
See my web site, www.sff.net/people/Brenda
Collier, Alexei
Alexei Collier grew up in sunny Southern California, in a house his family moved into on his very first Halloween. Many years later, powerful forces flung him deep into the heart of the Midwest, where he now lives across the street from Chicago with his wife and their cat. His short fiction has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Cicada, and Ideomancer.
Coplan, Shayna
Shayna Coplan is a middle school history and creative writing teacher who spends her days outnumbered by adolescents. She uses the accompanying insanity to fuel her fiction. http://www.twitter.com/CoplanShayna
Couturier, Scott
I was published at Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores
Crigger, Lara
I was published at Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores
Criley, Marc
Marc A. Criley avidly read fantasy and science fiction for over forty years before deciding to try his hand at writing it when he reached his early 50s. His short stories (and haiku!) have appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Galaxy's Edge, Frozen Wavelets, and elsewhere--rest assured it is never too late to start writing. When not writing, he and his wife “manage” a household of cats in the hills of North Alabama. Marc tweets about writing, space, Alabama, and other shiny things as @That_MarcC and maintains a personal website and blog at kickin-the-darkness.com.
Cunder, AJ
A medievalist, a type 1 diabetic, and a cyber crime investigator, A.J. graduated from Seton Hall University with a Master’s in Creative Writing. His work appears in Mysterion Online, Fractured Lit, and The Modern Deity’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, among other literary and genre publications. Hobbies include collecting medieval swords, playing the piano, and spoiling his husky (when he isn’t reading, writing, or editing). He currently serves as a Senior Editor at Flash Fiction Online, an Assistant Editor at Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores, and on the editorial staff of Metaphorosis Magazine. Find him on Twitter @aj_cunder, or online at www.WrestlingTheDragon.com.
Dawson, Robert
Robert Dawson teaches mathematics at a Nova Scotian university. When not teaching, doing research, or writing, he enjoys hiking, cycling, and fencing. His stories have appeared in Nature, AE, and numerous other publications. He is an alumnus of the Sage Hill and Viable Paradise writing workshops. His story "Boomerang Zone" appeared in the first issue of C.R.E.S.
Dicken, Evan
By day, Evan Dicken studies old Japanese Maps and crunches data for all manner of fascinating medical research at "The" Ohio State University. By night, he does neither of these things. His short fiction has most recently appeared in: Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Apex, Cast of Wonders, and Daily Science Fiction, and he has stories forthcoming from publishers such as: Analog and Chaosium. Feel free to visit him at: www.evandicken.com, where he wastes both his time and yours.
Dovey, Matt
Matt Dovey is very tall and very English, and most likely has a cup of tea in his hand right now. He has a scar on his arm where the giant squid's beak caught him as it finally won free and slipped back into the terrible depths. He now lives in a quiet market town in rural England with his wife & three children; despite being a writer, he still hasn't found the right words to properly express the delight and joy he finds in this wonderful arrangement. He grew up by the sea. He believes you cannot know magic until you have stood alone on a beach beneath the swollen summer moon, warmed by salt winds. He speaks from experience. Of all the wines he has homebrewed, he has never made seaweed wine, but reckons he could come up with a recipe. More waffle and nonsense can be found at mattdovey.com.
Drake, J
Drozd, Alex
Alex Drozd is a graduate of the University of Alabama. He studied astrophysics and is now working as a technical generalist for Extreme Engineering Solutions. He has previously been accepted by Daily Science Fiction for publication.
Malda Marlys
Malda Marlys teaches science just outside Chicago and writes the sort of speculative fiction that requires too many qualifiers for the normal flow of conversation. Fortunately the SFFH umbrella is wide (and kind of spooky and full of brass fittings and snakes). An out-of-practice black belt, mediocre birdwatcher, and terrible knitter, she spends most of her time being bullied by disreputable housepets and adding to a monumental TBR pile.
Michael D. Winkle

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